P 1-6

PRIMARY SCHOOL students are at a more receptive stage where lessons such as moral values, discipline and basic scientific knowledge can be absorbed. SGS Primary School has been accredited A and adopts both National and International curriculum, allowing students to achieve maximum learning through fun, innovative and thematic programmes.

SGS students will grow up with the essential life and academic skills and a global awareness needed to succeed in our ever-changing world

Curriculum Subject

Core Subjects

English, Mandarin, Mathematics, Science, Indonesian.

Non-Core Subjects

Art & Crafts, Computer, Physical Education, Moral, Social, Religion, Lifeskills


  1. Moral and Religious Values
  2. Wide range of extracurricular activities
  3. Combination of National and International education systems (Singapore)
  4. Technologically-enhanced education.
  5. Innovative and evolving curriculum
  6. Qualified native language teachers
  7. National Certificate & International Certificate: Cambridge Primary Checkpoint
  8. International Exchange programme for upper Primary

Primary Programmes

Primary Program Surabaya Grammar School