Year 7-9

SGS Junior High School offers a high level academic and pastoral support. We combine the National Curriculum and Cambridge Lower Secondary curriculum. By using the up to date teaching methods and resources, we bring out the best in every student.

We imbibe moral values, life-skills, and knowledge for students to be confidently survive in this ever-challenging world. We provide a highly interactive and lively classroom teaching environment, where students' creativity are enhanced and their curious minds develop. Every student of SGS will have his/her talent, potential and interesr explored. We aim to draw out the best in every student so as to be useful citizens of tomorrow of Indonesia and the world at large

Junior High School Student Surabaya Grammar School


  1. Strong academic standards for both National and Cambridge levels
  2. Focused ECA to enhance and promote students' talents
  3. Qualified local and expatriate teachers
  4. Native teachers for both English & Mandarin
  5. Emphasis on moral and ethical values so as to develop our students to be respectableand responsible individuals
  6. Independent and self-directed learning through project works
  7. Technology-enhanced classroom learning supported by up to date facilities and resources

Curriculum Subject

YEAR 7-8
Core Subjects

English, Mathematics, Science, Bahasa Indonesia, Social Studies

Non-Core Subjects

Religion, PPKN, Art, PE, Computer Science, Mandarin, Global Perspective, LBP


Core Subjects

English, Mathematics, Indonesian

Electives Subjects

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Accounting, Business Studies, ICT

Non-Core Subjects

Mandarin, Global Perspective, Religion, PPKN, LBP, PE, Art & Design, Music


Students learn about create, modify and discovering some ideas and able to actualise it well.


Students will learn a skill to take a positive role in their daily life.

Social service

Students will participate actively in the community, to serve and practice their skills.


The students will master the basic skills for the daily life and to participate in the community.

Life Booster Program Surabaya Grammar School