K 1-2

SGS KINDERGARTEN is an exciting time of exploration. As your child’s motor coordination develops, so will his sense of independence and self-reliance. Our students are challenged and helped to grow in an atmosphere where failure is never an issue.

SGS KINDERGARTEN is a “laboratory” where your child can explore, experiment and stretch the limits of his or her imagination. As the year progresses, our students are expected to complete assignments with more independently, to accept more responsibilities and to follow rules/instructions more closely

Curriculum Subject

English, Mandarin, Montessori, Mathematics, Science, Penmanship, Moral, Social, Art & Crafts, Computer, Physical Education, Indonesian, Reading.

Kindergarten Student Surabaya Grammar School


  1. Multi-themed classrooms and innovative curriculum where students are encouraged to be expressive and creative
  2. Montessori approaches & Phonetic methods of teaching
  3. Moral Values and Character Development
  4. Strong foundation of basic academic and life skills
  5. Introduction to modern technology
  6. Wide range of extracurricular activities
  7. Qualified expat language teachers

Kindergarten Programmes

Montessori Method Kindergarten Program Surabaya Grammar School
Montessori Method